Summit Behavioral Health Union – Drug Rehab Center

Summit Behavioral Health Union – Drug Rehab Center

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About Summit Behavioral Health Union – Drug Rehab Center

Serenity at Summit is comprised of six locations spread across New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts. Because of its diversity and numerous facilities, it is able to effectively offer the full continuum of treatment to the northeastern United States.

At our outpatient location in Union, New Jersey, you can expect a dedicated and caring team of clinical staff members to work and grow alongside you as you recover from substance abuse. By working with you and meeting you wherever you are along the recovery journey, the addiction professionals at Serenity can help you develop a robust treatment plan that is tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Serenity uses clinically-proven methods and modalities to help you not only recover from addiction physically but also to help you address the core causes of addiction in your life. With access to therapies and modalities such as 12-step meetings, Cognitive-Behavior Therapy, and aftercare programs, you can get started on a successful path to recovery today with Serenity at Summit.

Summit Behavioral Health Union is an outpatient recovery center in Union, NJ. We offer both an intensive outpatient program in Union, New Jersey and standard outpatient treatment for people with drug and alcohol use disorders. Intensive outpatient services can involve more than nine hours of treatment services each week and as much as 12 hours of therapy each day.

Standard outpatient involves fewer than nine hours of treatment each week, providing an important transition between addiction treatment and complete independence after you complete rehab.

Summit Behavioral Health Union is an ideal location to start or continue your pursuit of long-lasting recovery.

With warm and inviting facilities, Summit Behavioral Health offers a comfortable place to attend individual, group, and family therapy options.

Through outpatient and intensive outpatient programs, you will have experienced clinicians at your side, helping you through your treatment plan, while offering support and accountability as you develop your relapse prevention strategies.

As you progress through outpatient services, you will work through issues that are directly and indirectly related to your substance use issues. We offer a variety of evidence-based and supplemental therapy options that are designed to treat addiction, and it’s underlying issues like mental health, social issues, financial struggles, and legal problems. The goal of intensive outpatient and outpatient treatment is to facilitate long-lasting recovery by equipping you with the tools to safeguard your sobriety long after you complete treatment. Recovery is a lifelong commitment, and our goal is to help prepare you for that journey.

At Summit Behavioral Health Union, we believe there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all addiction treatment plan. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, treatment needs to be personalized for it to be effective. For that reason, we offer a variety of evidence-based approaches that can serve as a foundation for your treatment plan and alternative therapies that can supplement those proven methods. Your therapist will help tailor your plan with a combination of these options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Outpatient Drug Rehab Effective?

Yes, outpatient treatment is effective as long as certain criteria are met. Specifically, outpatient treatment should be tailored to your individual needs. Not everyone who enters addiction treatment will go straight into outpatient services. When you enter treatment, you will go through an intake and assessment process that’s designed to determine the best level of care for you.

An intake specialist will use a set of criteria designed by the American Society of Addiction Medicine. These set criteria include six factors that are intended to help clinicians determine your needs and appropriate level of care. Outpatient treatment is effective for people who are determined to be ready to live on their own.

Do I Need Outpatient Treatment?

You may need outpatient or intensive outpatient treatment if you have a substance use disorder that requires the full continuum of care in addiction treatment. Treatment often starts with medical detox or inpatient services. Unfortunately, short-term intensive care is usually not enough to effectively lead to long-term recovery. If you’ve gone through higher levels of care, outpatient or intensive outpatient drug rehab can help you get to the root of substance use issues.

Outpatient is the lowest level of care in addiction treatment, but it’s often an important step in treatment between high levels of care and complete independence. Through outpatient treatment, you can learn how to take on real-world responsibilities and challenges while you still have clinical support to fall back on.

What Therapies Are Included in an Intensive Outpatient Program?

Outpatient and intensive outpatient treatment are levels of care where you will dive into clinical therapies. Therapies will depend on your specific treatment plan, which you will make with your therapist. Your plan will be tailored to your needs, but there are a few commonly recommended therapies like individual, group, and family therapy. You may also go through behavioral therapies, which is a category of treatment options that center around treating behavioral health issues.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is one of the most commonly recommended therapy options because of its usefulness in creating relapse prevention plans. Outpatient treatment at Summit Behavioral Health in Union, NJ, is grounded in evidence-based therapies, which means the foundation of your treatment plan will involve therapies that have been proven effective in scientific studies. However, you may also go through supplemental therapies like yoga, to help increase your engagement with treatment and get you excited about your recovery journey.

Is Outpatient Drug Rehab Covered by Insurance?

Most insurance companies offer some form of coverage for addiction treatment. Addiction is a chronic and treatable disease and as such is covered by the vast majority of private insurance providers. However, to find out if your specific plan covers treatment and how much coverage you might receive will vary on an individual basis. To find out more, you can call Summit Behavioral Health, and we’ll help verify your coverage with your insurance provider.

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