Addiction is a chronic disease that usually doesn’t go away when it’s ignored. In fact, the disease is progressive, which means it can get worse over time if not properly treated. Addiction treatment is an important step on the road to recovery for many people. Because addiction is such a prevalent problem in the United States, there is a wide variety of treatment options all over the country. You may receive inpatient or outpatient treatment services, depending on your needs.

However, one of the biggest questions you may have when you first consider treatment is where you should start your recovery in drug or alcohol rehab. Some suggest getting out of your neighborhood to go to rehab to disconnect from your life of active addiction. However, there are several benefits to getting treatment close to home. Learn more about how local addiction treatment options may be able to help you.

Attend to Responsibilities During Outpatient Treatment

During inpatient treatment, most of your time will be devoted to recovery through medical treatment or attending therapy sessions. In outpatient treatment, you’ll have some time to yourself. Through outpatient treatment, you can tend to everyday responsibilities while you receive support through treatment. If you’re attending treatment close to home, you can work on family responsibilities and other things that require your attention every day. When you complete treatment, you will continue to build the life you’ve already started while in treatment.

Build Up Your Home Support System

A therapist and his client discussing morphine addiction

Through your treatment program, you may make connections with others who are going through the same thing you are or want to help you through recovery. Attending treatment near your home may help to avoid disconnecting from those relationships. Through treatment, you may also begin community-based support programs that you continue after completing treatment. For instance, you may be able to attend Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous.

Family Therapy is Easier

Family therapy is essential to addiction treatment for many. Addiction is often called a family disease because it often has its roots in dysfunctional family problems. Plus, your family often makes up your closest support system. Building up your foundation of support can help increase your likelihood of long-term sobriety after treatment.

Family therapy can help heal wounds that addiction has caused. It can help you understand how your substance use affects other people, and it can help family members learn how to better help an addicted person without enabling self-destructive behaviors.

Family therapy is not for everyone, however. For instance, if a person’s family is abusive, including them in the treatment process may do more harm than good. However, for those who it can help, going to treatment close to home may facilitate easier family involvement.

Some treatment centers offer family therapy sessions, while others have family events when the members of your family can come to participate in treatment for a day. Either way, having your family close by may be easier if you receive treatment at home.

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